1,250.36 +/- Acres - Golden Valley & Slope Counties, ND

1,250.36 +/- Acres - Golden Valley & Slope Counties, ND 
Property Details (ID# 4744)
Wed Sep 28 3:00 PM MDT
Property Location
Golva, ND
Golden Valley and Slope
2 Parcels
Andy Mrnak , 701.206.1095
Jim Sabe, 701.523.6283
John Soreide, 701.206.0761




 1,250.36 +/- Acres - Golden Valley & Slope Co., ND

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 – 3:00 p.m. (MT)


Auction Location: Lone Tree Room at Golva Bar: 407 Terrell Ave. - Golva, ND


Auction Note: Pifer’s Auctioneers would like to invite you to this Pifer’s Exclusive Land Auction on the border of the North Dakota counties of Golden Valley and Slope.  This self-sufficient ranch is nestled at the southern edge of the extremely productive croplands of Golden Valley, and along the breaks of the North Dakota Badlands.  This ranch is as picturesque as it is productive.  Additionally, this property has base acres within the Little Missouri National Grasslands, offering potential grazing privileges through the Little Missouri Grazing Association.  

Alongside the prolific native grasslands found within this property is productive cropland that lays well and boasts strong to excellent Soil Productivity Index (SPI) values in a tremendous farming area in Golden Valley County.  This ranch features good water, great access, and an abundance of wildlife habitat and direct access to the public lands within the breaks of the Little Missouri River Valley.


Contacts:  Andy Mrnak at 701.206.1095 or Jim Sabe at 701.206.1095 or John Soreide at 701.206.0761 or Pifer’s Auction & Realty at 877.700.4099 for more information and a complete catalog.


Driving Directions:

From Sentinel Butte, ND: From I-94, take Exit #10 towards Sentinel Butte, ND.  Drive south on County Rd. #11 for 19 miles to 52nd St. SW, then drive 1 mile west on 52nd to Alpha Rd.  Turn south at the “Alpha Hall” onto Alpha Rd. and drive 2 miles to Johnson Rd.  The property is on the south side of Johnson Road.

From Beach, ND: Drive 18 miles south on Hwy. #16 through Golva, ND to 52nd St. SW. Then drive east on 52nd St. SW for 8 miles to Alpha Rd.  Turn south at the “Alpha Hall” onto Alpha Rd. and drive 2 miles to Johnson Rd.  The property is on the south side of Johnson Rd.


Parcel 1: 

Acres: 831.96 +/-

Legal: Lots 1-4 and E½ Less 1 ac. Tract in Lot 1  2-136-105, NW¼ 12-136-105 & NE¼SW¼, Lots 11-13 (Less 3.4 ac. ROW), W½SE¼, W½E½SE¼, (Less 9.7 ac Tract and ROW) 6-136-104

Crop Acres: 270.87 +/-

Grazing Acres: 550 +/- (Total) 1,823 +/- (Federal)

Taxes (2021):  $2,410.88

This is perhaps one of the most completely self-sufficient individual parcels of land offered to the public this fall.  Parcel 1 features over 831.96 +/- acres of property that include the base ranch headquarters, over 270 +/- crop acres and approximately 550 +/- grass acres.  This base property includes multiple large natural water sources, well water with pasture pipelines, and also rural water to the corrals at the headquarters.  More notably, Parcel 1 is all considered “Base Property” for the Little Missouri Grazing Association and is recognized with an annual federal grazing permit through the association.


Little Missouri Grazing Association Permit: Grazing privileges may be available to qualified buyers who are or become members of the Little Missouri Grazing Association (LMGA) and abide by the rules, regulations, and by-laws set forth by the LMGA.

            -LMGA Permit Information:

                        -Allotment #70

                        -1,823 +/- Acres

                        -803 AUM’s or 150 head for 5.35 Months

                        -Private Turn-In Permit


Parcel 2: 

Acres: 418.4 +/-

Legal: 1-136-105

Crop Acres: 384.29 +/-

Taxes (2021):  $1,721.49

Parcel 2 is a large half section of exceptional cropland in Golden Valley County, ND.  In 2022, the large 308 +/- acre field was utilized for corn production while the balance of the cropland is in grass and alfalfa hay.  The soil production on this parcel is extremely good with a Soil Productivity Index (SPI) over 73.  Parcel 2 also features excellent access and is contiguous with Parcel 1.



OWNER:  Marie Kremers


Parcel 1
Acres: 831.96 +/-
Parcel 2
Acres: 418.4 +?-