Multiple Parcels - Bismarck, ND

Multiple Parcels - Bismarck, ND  
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Bismarck, ND
3 Parcels
Abbey Messer, 701.202.4646
Darin Peterson, 701.220.5396


Multiple Parcels Now Available
110th Ave. NE - Bismarck, ND

STARTING AT $585,000

Property Note: Rare land offering with multi-use potential and urban development opportunities in north Bismarck, just off U.S. Hwy. #83 with paved 26th St. NE marking the property’s eastern border. This quarter section of land neighbors high-demand growth areas in north Bismarck and is situated on productive soils in the Missouri River Basin. 

As Bismarck continues to sprawl to the north and with oil activity pacing upward, demand for such prime urban development land will only grow. Now is the time to make an investment with this promising land opportunity.  This property has been surveyed into three seperate parcels; 2 - 49 +/- acre parcels, and a 45.8 /- acre parcel. All parcel purchases are contingent on the sale of all 3 properties. 

Contact:  Darin Peterson at 701.220.5396 / or call Pifer’s Auction & Realty at 877.700.4099 for more information!


Driving Directions:  Off of I-94 in Bismarck, take exit 159 onto U.S. Hwy 83 and drive north for 6.5 miles.  Turn east on 110th Ave NE for 0.7 miles. This will bring you to the southwest corner of the property.



Parcel 1:

Acres: 49 +/-

Legal: Auditors Lot B within the SE1/4 Section 22-140-80

Crop Acres: 40 +/-

Taxes (2019): TBD

Parcel Note:  This is the far west parcel which features 49 +/- acres of cropland and well-established tree rows. This strong development location has excellent access off 110th Ave. NE and is only .5 mile off US Hwy #83.

Parcel Price: $ 585,000




Parcel 2:

Acres: 49 +/-

Legal: Auditors Lot C within the SE1/4 Section 22-140-80

Crop Acres: 47 +/-

Taxes (2019): TBD

Parcel Note:  This parcel features 49 +/- acres of well-established tree rows and cropland with an excellent Soil Productivity Index (SPI) of 96.4. This parcel offers a great opportunity for development with access from 110th Ave. NE.

Parcel Price: $ 585,000



Parcel 3:

Acres: 45.8 +/-

Legal: Auditors Lot D within the SE1/4 Section 22-140-80

Crop Acres: 40 +/-

Taxes (2019):  TBD   

Parcel Note:  This is the far east parcel which features 45.8 +/- acres of mature trees and strong cropland with a SPI of 86.7. This parcel is less than a mile from US Hwy #83, and nestled on the corner of 110th Ave NE and a paved 26th St. NE, this parcel has a great potential for development.

Parcel Price: $ 640,000



Parcel 1
Acres: 49 +/-
Legal: 49 +/- Acres in Sec 22-140-80
Parcel 2
Acres: 49 +/-
Legal: 49 +/- Acres in Sec 22-140-80
Parcel 3
Acres: 45.8 +/-
Legal: 45.8 +/- Acres in Sec 22-140-80