Bean Processing & Grain Storage Facility - Gary, MN

Bean Processing & Grain Storage Facility - Gary, MN 
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Gary, MN
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Star of the North Bean, LLC. - Gary, MN

Current Property Uses: Grain Elevator, Retail Seed Conditioning, Edible Bean Processing & Fertilizer Plant.



Property Note: 

Star of the North Bean, LLC. currently operates as an edible bean processing and packaging facility and conducts business in the United States as well as internationally. This facility meets all USDA food grade standards required for processing, packaging and selling of edible beans and other food grade products. The facility sits on just under 2.5 ares of land and is right off of County Highway 19 and one mile east of Highway 32.  The grain storage facility Includes 140,000 +/- bushels of storage in various bins ranging from flat bottom with full air floor to hopper bottom and Farm Fan 1,000 bhp horizontal cotinuous flow dryer.  Bins are fed by 1,500 bph receiving leg.  1,932 sq. ft. retail seed warehouse built in 2015.  7,560 sq. ft. seed processing plant and office built in 2016.  3,452 sq. ft. fertilizer plant built in 2016.



Grain Storage Facility (128,000 +/- bushels):

3 North Flat Bottom Bins

  • (1) 36,000 bushel GSI, 36x40, incline auger reclaim
  • (2) 30,000 bushel, 30x40, auger take-out reclaim to west side
    • Bins have one-foot concrete stem walls, portable sweep augers. Bins are filled by u-trough auger from main receiving leg, full floor aeration with Keho fans, reclaim on all three bins is into portable conveyors.

3 Middle Hopper Bins

  • (1)  2,800 bushel Grain Max, 16x14 w/45 degree hopper
  • (2)  2,100 bushel Lorrich, 14x15 w/45 degree hopper
    • All on concrete slab, Batco belt reclaim under the three hopper bins to "wet" leg, 1,500 bph; hopper bins are filled from the receiving leg.

(2)  500 bushel detached Friesen hopper bins: 8x12 with 6<J hoppers. Portable fill and reclaim, on concrete slab, used as seed bins in spring. A 6x6 stainless steel slope bottom tank sits alongside the two Friesen hopper bins and is used for chemical.

(3)  8,000 bushel south flat bottom bins, 21x29. One-foot concrete stem wall, full floor air, portable sweeps and fans, u-trough auger fill from dry leg, auger reclaim to 35' 1,500 bph reclaim leg. Reclaim leg has y-valve to truck load-out spout or to elevated belt reclaim from south reclaim leg to main leg to fill middle or north bins.

2012 Farm Fans C-2140F dryer, horizontal continuous flow dryer. 1,000 bph filled by 40' "wet" leg. "Wet" leg has y-valve distributor to truck load-out spout and to dryer. Dry grain from dryer reclaims to 40' "dry" leg, 1,500 bph, with y­valve distributor to truck load-out spout and to u-trough auger above south bins.

Seed Processing Plant & Office:

  • 7,560 sq. ft. built in 2016
  • Insulated 14x20 color sorter room and 10x16 MCC in northeast comer.
  • 22x24 two story office area in southeast corner - office on main floor and trucker apartment on second floor.
  • Concrete forklift loading ramp in southwest comer with truck dock door, door security system and l security camera, overhead door on south end.
  • Elevated loading dock on east side, loads out custom packaging and bulk bag pallets.
  • Seed processing equipment includes Carter Day F-515 air screen sieve cleaner with exhaust fan and dust cyclone; Forsberg G-7 destoner; Oliver 240 gravity separator; (2016) Cimbria Chrome 2T-TN color sorter with SN C2-T-TNC1545-16; Torit dust system; Hankinson air dryer and Sullivan Palatek #20D rotary screw air compressor vibratory conveyor from color sorter to clean seed leg, clean leg and reject leg from air screen cleaner, 200 bushel surge bin above Taylor bagging system or tote fill system, with 5x5 platform scale. Exhaust fans for the cleaning line are 15 and 25 HP centrifugal fans. A Rapat F Series incline belt conveyor moves seed from west outdoor bins into building interior, then a long incline belt conveyor moves seed up to the surge bin above the air screen cleaner. Seed conditioning capacity is 300 bph.
  • Clean seed hopper bins on north end of seed plant include: (2) 3,000 bushel Amber Waves 16x15 steel hopper bins with site gauges (1) 9x8 galvanized steel dust cyclone; (1) 1,000 bushel Friesen 12x7 hopper bin. Total storage capacity of "clean" seed bins is 7,000 bushels.
  • Bins along west side of seed plant include: (3) 5,500 bushel NorStar hopper bins, 18x22, each bin has 5 HP Sukup vane axial aeration fan, sites gauges, bean ladders and a reversing belt reclaim conveyor extends under all three bins. Bins are filled by a Universal D3-2000 leg which fills two of the three bins through a three way valve and spouting; (2) 6,000 bushel Sukup, 21x18 flat bottom galvanized steel bins with full floor aeration, portable Keho fan, portable sweep, 2 foot concrete stem wall, belt conveyor in shallow tunnel under Sukup bins north to the intake conveyor for the seed conditioning line. AmberWaves 3,000 bushel, 15x15 hopper bin is located south of the two Sukup bins, on concrete slab, belt reclaim (belt under Sukup bins), filled by portable conveyor. West bins have 31,500 bushels storage capacity.
  • Total storage capacity of seed conditioning plant and bins is 37,500 bushels plus storage capacity for 10,000 bushels of finished totes or bagged seed in warehouse.

Fertilizer Plant:

  • 3,452 sq. ft. built in 2016
  • 1,200 ton capacity
  • 10 ton Waconia floor blender.
  • 4 bins plus 1 bin for slow release nitrogen.
  • Wood frame construction above 4 foot concrete stem walls.

Retail Seed Warehouse:

  • 1,932 sq. ft. built in 2015
  • Bayer seed treater. 3 foot diameter x 8 foot barrel horizontal treater.
  • portable belt fill into 200 bushel surge hopper, portable 5x5 floor scale for tote filling, 200 bushel hopper for filling totes. Bulk seed can be loaded from treater directly into trucks with portable belt conveyor.
  • One-foot concrete stem wall, 17 foot sidewall height.
  • 14x14 overhead door w/opener.
  • wood stud construction, wood truss rafters, vinyl siding, asphalt shingles, concrete floor, concrete apron.


  • 2,688 sq. ft. shop, built N/A.
  • pole frame, wood truss rafters, concrete floor, color steel exterior, insulated, heated, suspended LPG heater, colored steel interior liner, plywood wall cover.
  • 14x 15 overhead door on north end
  • 16x32 former office area occupies south end of building.


  • Electricity: Wild Rice Electric Cooperative, Mahnomen, 1\1N, 3 phase
  • Phone:  ACS
  • Sewer: Private septic tank & drain field
  • Water: Municipal, Gary, MN
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