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WRITTEN BID LEASE: 467.67 +/- Acres - Pierce County, ND

WRITTEN BID LEASE: 467.67 +/- Acres - Pierce County, ND 
Property Details (ID# 4499)
Fri Nov 05 5:00 PM CDT
Property Location
Harvey, ND
3 Parcels
Dwight Hofland, 701.630.4359




467.67 +/- Acres - Pierce County, ND

Written Bids Due: 

Friday, November 5, 2021 – 5:00 p.m.


Mail, Fax or Email Bids to:

Pifer’s Auction and Realty

Attn: Dwight Hofland: Marlene Ripplinger Land Lease Auction

1506 29th Ave. S

Moorhead, MN 56560

FAX: 218.477.1969

(bid forms are available to download above at


Auction Note: Seeking tenant(s) to lease cropland. This property features 467.67 +/- acres with highly productive soils and strong cropping history This land is located 6 miles North of Harvey, ND in Hagel and Truman Townships, Pierce County, ND. Highest written bids will have an opportunity to orally raise their bid on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 (CT) by phone.  Bidders may bid on one or more parcel(s), or all parcels combined. 

The successful bidder will have possession starting on or before January 1, 2022.  Bids will be submitted on an annual dollar per acre basis. 

Contact:  Dwight Hofland at 701.630.4359, ( or Pifer’s Auction & Realty at 218.477.1968 for more information or a bid form (bid forms are available for download above).


Driving Directions:

Parcel 1 & 2: From Harvey ND, drive north on Hwy. #3 / 30th Ave. NE for 5.7 miles to 31st. St. NE. The north west corner of parcel 1 is on the left and the north east corner of parcel 2 is on the right.

Parcel 3: From Harvey ND, drive north on Hwy. #3 / 30th Ave. NE for 5.6 miles to 30th St. NE. Drive east on 30th St. NE for 1 mile. The south west corner of parcel to begins at the intersection of 30th St. NE and 31st Ave. NE.


Parcel 1: 

Legal: NE¼  36-151-73 Truman Township

Cropland Acres:  128.82 +/-

This parcel of land is located along Hwy. #3 with excellent access. Strong Soil Productivity Index (SPI) of 67.2, 57% of the soils have a 69% and higher SPI.


Parcel 2: 

Legal: W½  31-151-72 less farmstead in SE corner, Hagel Township

Crop Acres:  220.94 +/-

Excellent cropland with a SPI of 65.2 This parcels has great access along highway 3 and 31st St. NE.


Parcel 3:

Legal: SW¼SW¼ and E½SW¼   32-151-72 in Hagel Township

Crop Acres: 117.91 +/-

Excellent cropland with a SPI of 70.6 This parcels has excellent access along 30st St. NE and 31st Ave. NE. 67% of the soil composition is Heimdal-Emrick loams and Embden-Heimdal complex.



LANDOWNER: Marlene Ripplinger


Bidding Procedure:

  1. All written bids must be received before 5:00 p.m. (CT) on Friday, November 5, 2021.
  2. Written bids will be submitted on an annual per acre basis.
  3. All written bids must be accompanied with a 2-year farming plan, including but not limited to, crop rotation, normal chemical application, field drainage plans and or suggested tiling plan. These stewardship/farming plans are important to the landowner(s) and will play an important role in the final decision when awarding the contracts.
  4. The top written bids will be invited to the Oral Bidding and will have an opportunity to raise their bid at a time and place designated by Pifer’s Auction & Realty. Oral Bidding will be on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, time TBD (CT).
  5. Each Oral Bidder will have the opportunity to bid on each parcel individually as well as altogether (Overall).  Each Oral Bidder must bid on at least one parcel individually to qualify for participation in the Overall bidding process.
  6. The winning bidder will (upon Landowner acceptance) receive a lease agreement provided by Pifer’s Land Management.
  7. Bidders are bidding on a 2-year lease agreement. The agreement will begin at the signing of the contract and terminate December 31, 2023.  
  8. Annual rent will be due on or before March 15th each year of the lease agreement.
  9. The awarded bidder must provide a letter of good standing from their financial institution.
  10. Farm Liability insurance policy that meets lease agreement standards is required.
  11. The Landowner reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids.


Mail, Fax, or Email Bids to:

Pifer’s Auction and Realty

Attn: Dwight Hofland: Marlene Ripplinger Lease Auction

1506 29th Ave S

Moorhead, MN 56560

FAX: 218-477-1969

Parcel 1
Cropland Acres: 128.82 +/-
Parcel 2
Cropland Acres: 220.94 +/-
Parcel 3
Cropland Acres: 117.91 +/-