Twin Valley Living Center - Twin Valley, MN

Twin Valley Living Center - Twin Valley, MN 
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Twin Valley, MN
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Twin Valley Living Center - Twin Valley, MN



Property Note: This long standing 50 bed Nursing Home was recently closed. The property features a beautiful building with new wood flooring and carpeting recently installed. A new boiler system was put into service in the fall of 2017. The facility is in excellent shape and is surrounded by lovely green space including mature trees and garden space. The newest addition built in 2003 is leased and the current home of the Sanford Twin Valley Medical Clinic.  A portion of the Common Area is leased by Essentia Health Care providing therapy to area residents. The 50,000 +/- sq. ft. site has too many features to name here and is a must see for those looking to expand their nursing care service portfolio or for other innovative uses.


 Contact:  Steve Dalen at 701.893.8517 or email for more information or call Pifer's Auction & Realty at 877.700.4099 for a complete catalog.



Address: 208 Oppegard Ave. NW P.O. Box 480 - Twin Valley, MN


100 WING:

Size: 6,800 +/- sq. ft.

Description: This is the business wing, featuring the administrative offices including the board room. The other rooms within the wing have multiple uses. New Flooring and carpet installed in 2018.


200 WING:

Size: 6,000 +/- sq. ft.

Description: This wing has 16 rooms with 8 shared bathrooms. New flooring recently installed!


300 WING:

Size: 8,200 +/- sq. ft.

Description: This wing features a fireplace surrounded by a spacious living area, Sanctuary and a large dining room. The wing also houses the kitchen facilities.


400 WING:

Size: 3,400 +/- sq. ft.

Description: This wing features the facility laundry room and maintenance shop along with various other storage rooms.


500 WING:

Size: 4,800 +/- sq. ft.

Description: This wing has 12 bedrooms, 10 rooms having personal baths.  Rooms #510 & #508 have a shared bathroom.


600 WING:

Size: 5,100 +/- sq. ft.

Description: This wing as 12 bedrooms, 8 rooms with personal baths. Rooms #611 & #613 and #615 & #617 have shared baths. The Sanford Clinic is housed in this wing as well.


700 WING:

Size: 10,700 +/- sq. ft.

Description: This wing has 9 bedrooms with personal baths in 5 rooms and 4 rooms with shared baths. The security room is also located in this wing.



Size: 3,250 +/- sq. ft.

Description: The lounge features an entertainment area including a pool and TV rooms.


Common Area:

Size: 1,900 +/- sq. ft.

Description: The Common Area features a well lite area with comfortable furniture and a workout center used by Essentia Health for rehabilitation.


Sanford Medical Center:

Size: 2,700 +/- sq. ft.

Description: The Sanford Clinic was added in 2004 and generates a monthly rent payment.


Other Information:

Property Size: 7.27 +/- Acres

Parcel ID Number: 32-8691000

Legal Description: SECT-28 TWP -144 RANG-44AC 7.27 COM. 436 FT. N. & 66 FT. E OF SW COR NE 1/4NE1/4: E 565 FT. N TO

Taxes (2018): $2,448.28

Twin Valley Living Center
Acres: 7.27 +/-
Legal: SECT-28 TWP -144 RANG-44AC 7.27 COM. 436 FT. N. & 66 FT. E OF SW COR NE 1/4NE1/4: E 565 FT. N TO
100 Wing
Sq. Ft.: 6800
200 Wing
Sq. Ft.: 6000
300 Wing
Sq. Ft.: 8200
400 Wing
Sq. Ft.: 3400
500 Wing
Sq. Ft.: 4800
600 Wing
Sq. Ft.: 5100
700 Wing
Sq. Ft.: 10700
Sq. Ft.: 3250
Common Area
Sq. Ft.: 1900
Sanford Medical Center
Sq. Ft.: 2700