ONLINE ONLY: 552.43 +/- Acres - Ramsey & Walsh Counties, ND

ONLINE ONLY: 552.43 +/- Acres - Ramsey & Walsh Counties, ND 
Property Details (ID# 4690)
Mon Jun 13 8:00 AM CDT
Thu Jun 16 1:00 PM CDT
Property Location
Lawton, ND
Ramsey & Walsh
3 Parcels
Terry Skjerseth , 701.261.1144




552.43 +/- Acres - Ramsey & Walsh Counties, ND

Opens: Monday, June 13, 2022 – 8:00 a.m.

Closes: Thursday, June 16, 2022 – 1:00 p.m.


Auction Note: This property features productive soil types and good Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) payments.  Parcel 1 borders Lawton, ND and offers excellent waterfowl hunting opportunities! Parcel 2, in Lawton Township in Ramsey County has its CRP expiring in 2022 and Parcel 3 in Shepherd Township in Walsh County has its CRP expiring in 2023. The current owner will seek to have both properties hayed in 2022 if allowed by FSA.   Base Acres are combined with other non-sale units. If Parcel 2 and Parcel 3 come back into production, cropping the Base Acres will be determined by FSA. This property is subject to prior sale.


Contact:  Terry Skjerseth at 701.261.1144 or


Driving Directions:

Parcel 1: From the intersection of Main St. and Hwy. #1 in Lawton, ND, go west of Main St. for 0.5 miles. This will put you at the NE corner of Parcel 1.

Parcel 2: From Lawton, ND, go north on Hwy. #1 for 5 miles to County Rd. #22A. This will put you at the NW corner of Parcel 2.

Parcel 3: From Parcel 2, go east on County Rd. #22A for 5 miles to 109th Ave. NE. Go south on 109th Ave. NE for 0.5 miles. This will put you at the NE corner of Parcel 3.



Parcel 1 (Ramsey County):

Acres:  53.54 +/-                  
Legal: Beg at NW Cor of NE¼SW¼ ETC 28-156-60
Hunting Acres: 53.54 +/-
Taxes (2021): $343.13

This parcel offers excellent waterfowl hunting opportunities outside of Lawton, ND.



Parcel 2 (Ramsey County):

Acres:  338.89 +/-                  
Legal: W½ 4-156-60
CRP Acres: 228.10 acres @ $35.01/acre - $7,986.00/annually - Expires:  9/30/2022
Taxes (2021): $1,796.44

New owner can renew the CRP, however the acres would change from the 228 +/- acres to 203 +/- acres with some converting into crop acres.  The new CRP rate would be $62.25/acre or $12,636/annually.  The balance of the 79 +/- crop acres and 42 +/- acres of water in the SW corner will be enrolled in a Wetland Program and would generate another $5,420/annually.  Therefore, the annual income based off the ½ section would be $18,097.00 This should return a very comfortable 3.5-4.0% ROI for the buyers.  In today’s market with record setting commodity prices new owner may wish to discontinue the CRP program and bring cropland back into production.  Penalty for taking out prior to any new annual payment being received will be approx. $15/crop acre.




Parcel 3 (Walsh County):

Acres:  160 +/-                  
Legal: SE¼ 6-156-59
CRP Acres: 139.20 acres @ $86.84/acre - $12,088/annually – Expires 9/30/2023

Taxes (2021): $355.17

This parcel is on the western edge of Walsh County with strong CRP payments annually.





OWNER:  David Olderbak Family

Parcel 1
Acres: 53.54 +/-
Parcel 2
Acres: 338.89 +/-
Parcel 3
Acres: 160 +/-