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830.31 +/- Acres - Grant County, WI

830.31 +/- Acres - Grant County, WI 
Property Details (ID# 4104)
Thu Jan 14 2:00 PM CST
Property Location
Bloomington, WI
6 Parcels
Bob Pifer, 701.371.8538
Dwight Hofland, 701.630.4359




830.31 +/- Acres - Grant County, WI

Thursday, January 14, 2021 – 2:00 p.m.

Open House: January 10, 2021 – 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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Auction Location:  Ag Center: Lancaster Fair Grounds - Lancaster, WI


Auction Note:  The Kevin and Corey Kirschbaum and Kirschbaum Land & Cattle Company LLC will be auctioning off some of the most highly productive cropland in Grant County to be on the market in 2021!  What’s more, this land has exceptional woods and ravines that provides excellent habitat for deer and turkeys.

These are remarkable parcels with notable productivity and a strong cropping history. This farm also has a beautiful farmstead with a modern home, outbuildings, and grain storage.   You will not want to miss the opportunity to purchase part or all of this farm highlighted with an overall soil NCCPI Index of 80.7.  Most of the cropland is planted to corn and soybeans in 2020 and will be available to the buyer(s) in 2021.

NOTE: These parcels will be sold with a manure easement. Manure easement will be attached to the Kirschbaum livestock auction barns.


Contacts:  Dwight Hofland at 701.630.4359 or email or Bob Pifer at 715.491.6484 or email


Driving Directions:

Parcels 1-4: At the intersection of Hwy. #35 and County Hwy. A in Bloomington, WI, go south on Hwy. #35 for a mile. This will put you at the NE1/4 of parcel 1. Parcels 2-4 are directly south of parcel 1 and lay on Hwy. #35 and Cemetery Rd. 

Parcel 5: At the intersection of Hwy. #35 and County Rd. A in Bloomington, WI, go east on Hwy. A for 2 miles to University Farm Rd. Go southeast on University Farm Rd. for a half mile. This will put you at the NW corner of Parcel 5.

Parcel 6:  From Parcel 5, go northeast on Bedrock Rd. for 2 miles to County Hwy. A. Go southeast on County Hwy. A for a half mile and this will put you at Parcel 6.




Parcel 1

Acres:  78.9 +/-

Legal:  NE¼NE¼ & NW¼NE¼  35-5N-5W

Crop Acres: 37.66 +/-

Taxes (2019):  $473.01

This parcel features 37.66 +/- crop acres with an overall NCCPI of 69.9. The balance of the acres are pasture.




Parcel 2

Acres:  24.75 +/-

Legal:  Part of E½SE¼NE¼, E½NE¼SE¼  35-5N-5W

Crop Acres: 3.68 +/-

Taxes (2019):  $4,322.42 (Taxes will be separated between Parcels 1-3)

This parcel features 24.75 +/- acres including 20 +/- acres of excellent pastureland with great access from both the north and south farmstead.  Farmsteads include modern three bed, one-bathroom home with dual heat and central air. Farmsteads include garden shed, two car garage, wood grainery, hog barn, grain bins with air, 60’ x 70’ and 40’ x 60’ pole barns with corals.



Parcel 3

Acres: 95.25 +/-

Legal: Part of SE¼NE¼, NE¼SE¼ & all of NW¼SE¼   35-5N-5W

Crop Acres: 82.88 +/-

Taxes (2019):  $4,322.42 (Taxes will be separated between Parcels 1-3)

This parcel features 82.88 +/- acres of excellent cropland with an overall NCCPI of 85.7. 90% of this parcel consists of Tama silt loam soils making it a premier parcel for raising corn and soybeans. Exceptional drainage with well maintained waterways.  




Parcel 4

Acres:  80 +/-

Legal:  SW¼NW¼ & NW¼SW¼  36-5N-5W

Crop Acres: 75.64 +/-

Taxes (2019):  TBD

This parcel features 75.64 +/- acres of excellent, well drained cropland with an overall NCCPI of 86.6. 73% of this parcels soils consists of Tama silt loam making this another premier parcel for corn and soybeans.



Parcel 5

Acres: 179.11 +/-

Legal: Part of NW¼NE¼, SW¼SW¼, Parts of the NE¼NW¼, SW¼NW¼, SE¼NW¼, NW¼SW¼   29-5N-4W

Crop Acres: 117.72 +/-

Taxes (2019):    $667.04

This parcel features 117.72 +/- acres of cropland with an overall NCCPI of 83.4.  This parcel was planted to soybeans and corn in 2019. This parcel also has excellent habitat for deer and turkeys, a hunter’s paradise with ravines, fresh creek water and plenty of areas for bedding cover.



Parcel 6

Acres: 372 +/-

Legal: NE¼NE¼, SE¼NE¼, SW¼NE¼, SE¼NW¼, NE¼SE¼, NW¼SE¼, SE¼SE¼, SW¼SE¼, NE¼SW¼ & SE¼SW¼  28-5N-4W

Crop Acres: 153.56 +/-

Taxes (2019):  $2,473.75

This parcel features 153.56 +/- acres of cropland with an overall NCCPI of 71.7. This is the crown jewel of this auction. This parcel consists of diversified cropland and woods. Excellent corn and soybean land with good drainage along with 218 +/- acres of woods that surrounds the cropland, providing excellent deer and turkey hunting for the avid hunters. Plenty of hardwood trees for deer stands and blinds.  This parcel also includes a 60’ x 120’ x 14’ shop with cement flooring and lined walls for grain storage. Clear span rafters with 32” x 14” sliding door and walk in service door with full electricity.




OWNERS: Kevin and Corey Kirschbaum and Kirschbaum Land & Cattle Company LLC



Parcel 1
Acres: 78.9 +/-
Parcel 2
Acres: 24.75 +/-
Pacel 3
Acres: 95.25 +/-
Parcel 4
Acres: 80 +/-
Parcel 5
Acres: 179.11 +/-
Parcel 6
Acres: 372 +/-