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2,865.83 +/- Acres - McHenry County, ND

2,865.83 +/- Acres - McHenry County, ND 
Property Details (ID# 4579)
Thu Feb 24 11:00 AM CST
Property Location
Towner, ND
12 Parcels
Alan Butts, 701.400.8858
John Stober, 701.426.8834




2,865.83 +/- Acres - McHenry County, ND

3,500 Head Feedlot & Home

Thursday, February 24, 2022 – 11:00 a.m. (CT)

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Auction Location: Sleep Inn and Suites - Minot, ND


Property Note: A once in a lifetime opportunity!  Presenting 2,865 +/- acres including cropland, some with irrigation potential, rolling terrain with native and tame grass pastureland.  This land is in the Drift Prairie Region of ND, to the east of Missouri Plateau Region, and in the Souris River Valley of North Dakota. 

This property is defined by nearly level cropland, gently rolling pasture and hayland, with parcel 12 consisting of 640 +/- acres of sand dunes with grass, trees, and shrubs making for good pasture, with abundant wildlife habitat.  Parcel 12 has been tested as a source of frac sand for the oil industry, and there is an existing frac sand operation within 1.5 miles of this parcel.  Numerous water sources including small dams, dugouts, wells with pipelines to water tanks and rural water nearby make this an ideal ranch property.  The property is fenced and cross fenced with 4-wire well maintained fences. The close proximity of all the parcels, makes this ideal property for ranching, farming, and offers tremendous hunting opportunities on a majority of the parcels. Sellers are retaining the mineral interests.


Contact: John Stober at 701.426.8834, or Alan Butts at 701.400.8858, for more information, or Pifer’s Auction and Realty at 877.700.4099, for a catalog on the property.


Directions: From Towner, ND, travel 15 miles west on US Hwy. #2 to 5th Ave. N.  Parcels 1-5 are north of Hwy 2 and parcels 6-12 are south of Hwy. #2.



Parcel 1:

Acres: 160 +/-

Legal: SE¼  9-156-78

Crop Acres: 136.15 +/-

Grass Acres: 23.85 +/-

Taxes (2021): $738.91

This is the northern most parcel to the Seright farm operation, featuring good soils and strong cropping history with great access along 5th Ave. N.  The parcel has a two wire electric fencing system, a good well and cattle dugout.  Fall soil tests resulted in good NPK levels.  N 58 lbs., P 26 ppm, K 131 ppm.



Parcel 2:

Acres: 160 +/-

Legal: SW¼ Including Access Easement, Outlot 971 of SW¼  15-156-78

Crop Acres 99.21 +/-

Pasture Acres: 60.79 +/-

Taxes (2021): $542.16

With easy access along 5th Ave. N, this parcel has 99.21 +/- crop acres that is currently fenced and seeded into grass.  Additional features include a water dug out, and excellent hunting opportunities.


Parcel 3:

Acres: 160 +/-

Legal: NW¼ & Outlot 785 of NW¼NW¼  22-156-78

Crop Acres: 55.05 +/-

Pasture Acres: 104.95 +/-

Taxes (2021): $433.56

Good access along 5th Ave. N and northeast across from the feedlot in parcel 4.  Features include an 8' fenced in hay yard, a well connected to power, good farmland, perimeter fence and excellent hunting opportunities. Fall soil tests results were as follows:  N 72 lbs, P 34 ppm, K 282 ppm. 



Parcel 4 (Feedlot):

Acres:  160 +/-

Address:  6234 5th Ave. N - Towner, ND 58788

Legal:  Outlot 391 of E½SE¼, Outlot 471 of SE¼ & SE¼ 21-156-78

Crop Acres: 64.26 +/-

Taxes (2021): $969.48

This property is a well-established and well-maintained cattle feedlot conveniently located close to Hwy. #2, and only 30 minutes from Minot, ND and Rugby Livestock.  The feed lot property features 21 separate pens, including 7 working and sorting pens, all with separate watering fountains, 4,000 feet bunk line, heated shop, 80' scale with heated office, heated working facilities, 5,000 bu. grain storage, and separate feed handling buildings. This facility is licensed for 3,500 head year-round and well-lit for nighttime loading, unloading and feeding operations. 5 wells on Variable Speed services the feedlot producing 190-200 gallons per minute using 2 in. water lines.


- House: 1,776 sq. ft. one story ranch style, no basement, 4 bed, 1.5 bath, 2 car heated garage, electric heat, central air, built in 2008 and remodeled in 2018. Features hardwood floors, some carpet, vaulted ceiling, hickory cabinets, Colligan Reverse Osmosis system, covered porch on 2 sides of house and has its own well and septic. All appliances included!

- Feedlot: 3,500 head year-round capacity

- Heated shop 73' x 40' x 14' with 4 overhead doors (3-12' x 12' and 1-12' x 16')

- Heated working facilities with office

- 21 separate pens from 150 to 500 head.  7 working and sorting pens set up for night loading and unloading

- Four bay commodity building

- 80' truck scale with 640 sq. ft. office, lunch room, and bathroom

- 5,000 bu. grain storage

- 24,000 gallon liquid mineral storage

- 200' x 40' x 12' pole barn

- 5 wells on variable speed producing 190-200 gallons per minute, 2 in. water lines

- 1200 ft. holding pond with 3 concrete solid separators

- (2) 1,000 gallon fuel tanks

- Propane tanks - owned

- 2 additional small outbuildings



Parcel 5:

Acres:  240 +/-

Legal: E½SW¼ & SE¼ 28-156-78

Crop Acres: 228.29 +/-

Grass Acres: 11.71 +/-

Taxes (2021): $1,086.99

Parcel 5 features excellent soils and irrigation potential!  An expired irrigation permit is currently being re-applied for. This parcel has a strong cropping history and could be a highly productive asset to your farm!  Fall soil test results: N 70 lbs., P 39 ppm, K 137.



Parcel 6:

Acres:  222.24 +/-

Legal: S½SE¼, N½SE¼ & S½NE¼ Less R/W  33-156-78

Crop Acres: 219.89 +/-

Taxes (2021): $738.46 (Estimate)

Good irrigation potential, good soils currently seeded to grass.  Easy access along Hwy. #2 with a 4 wire border fence, cross fences, wells, dugouts and access to 3-phase power. Some wetland easements do apply.



Parcel 7:

Acres:  183.9 +/-

Legal: Pt S½NW¼ & N½SW¼ Less R/W  33-156-78

Crop Acres: 124.58 +/-

Pasture Acres: 56.02 +/-

Taxes (2021): $759.83 (Estimate)

Good irrigation potential, good soils currently seeded to grass.  Easy access along Hwy. #2 with a 4 wire border fence, cross fences, wells, dugouts and access to 3-phase power. Some wetland easements do apply.



Parcel 8:

Acres:  299.66 +/-

Legal:  S½NE¼, Lots 1-2  5-155-78 & SE¼ Less R/W  32-156-78

Crop Acres: 292.65 +/-

Grass Acres: 7.01 +/-

Taxes (2021): $1,342.45

Great access along Hwy. #2 with strong cropping history and good soils. This parcel has access to 3-Phase power and is a strong candidate for irrigation. Fall tillage was completed and soil tests results were N 27lbs., P 12 ppm, K 143ppm. Some wetland easements do apply.



Parcel 9:

Acres: 160.48 +/-

Legal: S½SW¼ Less R/W 32-156-78 & Lots 3-4  5-155-78

Crop Acres: 154.98 +/-

Taxes (2021): $610.74

In addition to great access along Hwy. #2, this parcel has nearly 100% cropping history with excellent soils and strong irrigation potential. Currently fenced with 2 wire electric and has a cattle dugout. Access to 3 phase power.



Parcel 10:

Acres: 319.13 +/-

Legal: S½NE¼, Lots 1-2, SE¼   4-155-78

Crop Acres: 174.9 +/-

Pasture Acres: 144.23 +/-

Taxes (2021): $1,007.17

A diverse parcel featuring 174.9 +/- crop acres and balance in pasture.  Fall soil test results: N 25lbs, P 15 ppm, K 98ppm. Some wetland easements do apply.



Parcel 11:

Acres: 159.51 +/-

Legal: S½NW¼, Lots 3-4  3-155-78

Crop Acres: 45.32 +/-

Pasture Acres: 114.19 +/-

Taxes (2021): $476.16

This parcel features 45.32 +/- acres of excellent cropland with the potential of irrigation!  Has good grazing and fenced with cattle dugout.



Parcel 12: 

Acres: 640.91 +/-

Legal: E½NE¼, E½SE¼ Sec 11-155-78, W 1770' of S½NE¼, NE¼, SW¼ & W 1770' of SE¼  12-155-78

Pasture Acres: 640.91 +/-

Taxes (2021): $1,308.37

Your chance to own a one-of-a-kind excellent white tail deer and upland game bird hunting property! This parcel features a pristine sand hills landscape featuring dense groves of quaking aspen, brush and native grass.  In addition, the property has been signaled out as a strong potential for frac sand mining. Currently fenced and cross fenced featuring 4 separate pastures and access to one solar powered well and cattle dugouts.



Denbigh Experimental Forest is a North Dakota hidden treasure!  Located 13 miles west of Towner, ND, just to the south of Hwy #2, was established in the 1930’s after the Dust Bowl hit McHenry County.  Over the next 20 years, over 40 tree species were planted on part of the land with the balance left as natural prairie habitat.

Over 200 species of birds have been identified here as well as prairie  butterflies, and other abundant wildlife.  The Denbigh Forest is a year-around destination, including hiking, bird watching, camping, horse back riding, to name some of the activities.

Associated with The Denbigh Forest, is the Towner State Nursey which was established in 1935, and produces about 1.25 million tree seedlings per year.

Parcel #12 is one mile south of the Denbigh Forest.

Dakota Prairie Grassland - Denbigh Experimental Forest (




OWNERS: Seright Family & Northern Plains Feeders, LLP





Parcel 1
Acres: 160 +/-
Parcel 2
Acres: 160 +/-
Pastureland Acres: 58.71
Parcel 3
Acres: 160 +/-
Parcel 4
Acres: 160 +/-
Parcel 5
Acres: 240 +/-
Parcel 6
Acres: 222.24 +/-
Parcel 7
Acres: 183.9 +/-
Parcel 8
Acres: 319.13 +/-
Parcel 9
Acres: 160.48 +/-
Parcel 10
Acres: 319.13 +/-
Parcel 11
Acres: 159.51 +/-
Parcel 12
Acres: 640.91 +/-