1,440 +/- Acres - Golden Valley County, ND

1,440 +/- Acres - Golden Valley County, ND 
Property Details (ID# 5007)
Wed Mar 29 11:00 AM MDT
Property Location
Golva, ND
Golden Valley
3 Parcels
Andy Mrnak , 701.206.1095
Jim Sabe, 701.523.6283
Kevin Pifer, 701.238.5810




1,440 +/- Acres - Golden Valley County, ND

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 – 11:00 a.m. (MT)

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Auction Location: Beach Community Center - Beach, ND


Auction Note: This "Rocky Butte" property is incredibly unique as it offers an excellent balance of cropland, hayland, grassland, and wildlife habitat.  This continguous property in Beach and Loan Tree Townships offers highly productive soils, mostly Gova Silt Loam, Grassna Silt Loam, and Chama-Sen Loams.  Additionally, this property include the south and west portions of Rocky Butte, with a summit of 3,274 ft. The breaks of the butte and grassy creek bottom draws offer excellent grazing and good water throughout the grasslands.  This land is available for 2023. This is a live auction with internet bidding available.


Contact: Kevin Pifer at 701.238.5810, Andy Mrnak at 701.206.1095, Jim Sabe at 701.523.6283, or Pifer's Auction and Realty at 877.700.4099.


Driving Directions: From Golva, ND, proceed 5 miles north on Hwy. #16 then 3 miles east on Rocky Butte Rd. (41st. St. SW). This will take you to the north side of the property.  Proceed to 164th Ave. SW. for the remaining parcels.


Parcel 1

Acres: 320 +/-

Legal: E½  33-139-105

Crop Acres: 245.2 +/- 

Pasture/Grass Acres: 69.46 +/-

Taxes (2022): $963.52

Parcel 1 lays along the west face of Rocky Butte and consists of good cropland with a Soil Productivity Index (SPI) of 70.2  This parcel has highly productive soils, Golva Silt Loam and Grassna Silt Loam with Productivity in the 80s and 90s.  The balance of this parcel is grassland.  Parcel 1 has good access from the north on Rocky Butte Rd. (41st St. SW)



Parcel 2

Acres: 320 +/-

Legal: S½  34-139-105

Crop Acres: 188.95 +/- 

Pasture/Grass Acres: 124.46 +/-

Taxes (2022): $680.41

This is exceptional cropland and pastureland.  The cropland has a SPI of 65.7 Class II & III Soils.  The pastureland is highlighted by Rocky Butte with productive native grasses and tremendous hunting opportunities.  This parcel has good access from the east on 164th Ave. SW.



Parcel 3

Acres: 800 +/-

Legal: All of Section 2-138-105 & NW¼  1-138-105

Crop Acres: 541.33 +/- 

Pasture/Grass Acres: 247.16 +/-

Taxes (2022): $2,478.70

This is highly productive cropland with mostly Golva Silt Loam, Grassna Silt Loam, and Chama Soils.  The balance of the land is grassland and pastureland that winds along the creek bottom and stock dam.  Parcel 3 offers excellent summer and fall grazing opportunities with an additional well along the west side of the parcel. 



OWNER: Johnson Trust

Parcel 1
Acres: 320 +/-
Parcel 2
Acres: 320 +/-
Parcel 3
Acres: 800 +/-